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Saturday Oct. 17th thru Sunday, Oct. 25th
Turning Point 2020: The Health Conference that Changed the World

  • Live stream 10/17‑10/25 — sponsored by the World Organizaton of Natural  Medicine, wonm.org
  • Purchase Tickets/Full Conference Schedule
  • Dr. Smith's & Dr. Sims Workshop (Missing Links in Degenerative Diseases) will be on Sunday, 10/25, 11:00am‑1:00pm (EDT)

Monday Oct. 26th, 9:30am
Dr. Smith will be a guest on RVNTV Morning Coffee to discuss his latest book, Deconstructing Cancer: The real causes of cancer and how to reverse with energy medicine and natural remedies

Wednesday Oct. 28th, 9:00am
Dr. Smith will host a morning show. Topic: Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks

Friday, November 6th, 1:45pm‑2:45pm (EST)
Dr. Smith interview with Justin Stellman

GHSDOC YouTube Channel

Patients: In Their Own Words

  • VISIT HERE for a collection comprised primarily of patients of Dr. Smith talking about their results after treatment at his clinic in Bucks County, PA.


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